Short Story Thailand
I woke up one morning and had the bags packed looked at my watch it said 11:00 the train was going to leave soon to the airport. I didnít think much just that it would be good to get the trip over with. Then I just checked the ticket the passport and keep cool donít drink at the airport. Ok maybe on the plane if I wanted to sleep that would be good. I mean it is 11:00 I had a good constitution I would be fine after a few days. The body and mind what can you do so when youíre alone in bed. Yes I am going to Thailand. I thought it would be a good adventure something to see and it is different I heard a lot about it. I went to the train station dressed with warm clothes it was May in Amsterdam and not exactly very warm for May. The train came fast and it took like ten minutes to airport Schiphol. Went to check in and there were a lot of Asians waiting at check in. I was wondering how it would be in Thailand how people would look like. The Thai people were a bit more tanned as I saw. I never really saw many Thai people in Amsterdam. It was new and mysterious. I was a bit early so I had to wait for a while. I had checked in on line so I went through quite quickly. I went through passport control and then waited at the gait. I couldnít believe it was happening saw how easy it was to travel to these places it has changed and made so easy to travel. I guess people go to far away places all the time. You saw all kinds of people but what really caught me were the travellers; group of young guys or girls going on an adventure. I would love to ask them where they were going but I just wanted to watch and think with all the excitement in my stomach and brain with all the drugs that I was actually doing it on my own and with so much love and good feelings for doing this. I would love to fall in love again but I was already token by someone in Amsterdam that would love to be with me but couldnít. It was time to go in the plain. I found my seat and sat waiting for lift off. I read a bit and watched a lot of movies the trip was long but thought this was a good time to sleep and relax. I watched a lot of movies at home and thought maybe watch one more movie but in Thailand hopefully would be different. I already could see a lot of different cultures on the plain from Asia and Europe. After a lot of sleep we landed in Bankok Thailand. It was a long night and I was tired. I had to get another plain to Phu ket an Island in the south of Thailand. I walked out in the warm weather and yes it was great and strange. I got the bus to the other airport. It took another two hours and I had to wait 10 hours for the other small plain to destination. After two packs of sigarettes and three cheap Thai meals in the airport I left to Phu ket for my last plain to get straight to Hotel that would be great. In Phu ket I had to get the taxi for about 10 e to Patong Beach. I got there with all bumpy roads and long taxi ride talking to tourists that where traveling around Asia. When arriving at the Hotel it was great. A swimming pool with a clean room. First thing I did was sit down at a restaurant and tried the thai food it was good. Slept for a day in the Hotel. Went swimming in the pool and then off to the beach. avoyding all the people selling food and beach things. You had to pay or you would just sit on the beach with a bottle of water. I walked around Patong all day buying a few things. There were a lot of trip advisers and I saw which trips you could take to different Islands. Phi phi Island or Monkey Island an Island in the middle of the ocean with just monkeys and blue seas with white abandoned beaches. The third day I took the trip with riding elephants. The next day I did the trip to James bond island. I went canoeing and saw the small island. One day I went to Paradise beach a beach for tourist with dj and the fool moon party. I didnít go the party as it was 20e. It was a mess in Patong a tourist trap where you find yourself in, it was possible to drive a motorbike and drink coktails but be carefull the police would catch you drugged or with out helmet. One hot day after each other you would find yourself at the beach or swimming pool everyday. Cooling off and relaxing.